Pre Waxing Tips

Body hair removal is an intimate experience. At Encore Waxing we want your body waxing or sugaring experience to be comfortable and effective. Returning every 3-6 weeks will produce optimal results by slowing hair growth and maintaining better results between treatments. Your first 3 appointments are the most important to reach these goals and our 3-packs allow you to pre-pay and save.

Pre-Waxing Tips

  • If you have been grooming, please wait for the hair to be at least 14” long. If you have not been grooming that is fine for waxing, but if you are sugaring please trim your hair to not more than 1” as it will be less uncomfortable if the hair is shorter.
  • Avoid perfumes and body scrubs the day before your appointment.
  • We are not medical professionals, but we recommend taking a mild painkiller such as Ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to your appointment (as long as it does not contradict your physician’s instructions) if you have a low pain threshold.
  • We recommend waiting 3-6 weeks between waxing appointments. This allows the hair to grow the recommended length of 1/4″ and takes into account that each hair follicle has its own growth cycle. Waxing more frequently may not give all of your hair sufficient time to grow out.
  • If you have a special occasion coming up, we recommend waxing 1-2 days prior to ensure that all bumps, redness, etc. have dissipated.


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